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Lavinia  is a beautiful European lobster. Her colour is very unusual and she, like my Snippy tales, come from a distant and gentler time. No one knows how old she is — 100, possibly more! Her voice is roughened by her great age and croaky from a life lived alone for many years. She is a grand old lady of the sea.


Lavinia Lobster



Gemma and Sebi

Gemma and Sebi are best friends and are both lucky enough to live in Cocklebed Bay. Snippy first meets Gemma in his High-Flying Adventure when she is only three years old but she already loves the rock pools and wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Her other passions are playing football, which she does for Cocklebed Colts with her best friend Sebi, and she plays the recorder in the school band. Sebi is in the same class at Cocklebed Primary School, which isn’t surprising as it is a tiny school with sixty children in it. Sebi has the best grandma ever, Queenie (coming up next). Sebi also plays the violin — so that makes him a hero where I am concerned!


Gemma and Sebi



Jon-Jo and Queenie

Jon-Jo is a research scientist. I’ve known him a very long time and he is one of the kindest, gentlest people you will ever get to meet. He looks after Snippy for a while and when there is an unexpected turn of events – a bad one! — Queenie, a dynamic granny and super scientist, steps in to help. She also plays a bit of a trick on Jon-Jo, but that’s just Queenie! 






Snippy’s rock pool friends deserve a little introduction:


Here they are all together in Deep Sea Adventure.


Rock pool friends