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Snippy at St Faith's School

7 February 2022


More thrilling news!


Snippy is going to visit a place that is very special to me, St Faith’s School, Cambridge. His visit is planned as part of their enrichment week in June 2022. It’s a school where I taught the violin for about 10 years. Ahhh! Happy days! Snippy is awaiting further instructions but I am looking forward to showing him around, especially the music block and the music/drama teaching rooms at the top of School House. I taught in Room 1. It’s a secret hideaway and only we musicians know that a marvellous troll lives up there in the dusty eaves. His name is Trefor and, luckily, he loves the sound of children learning the violin, as do I!  I often used to open his special door so that he could enjoy the wonderful music we were making. 


Trefor the troll