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I have been thrilled with the responses from teachers. Here are a few of them.


I love the books!!!! I've been reading them and will drop them to the library after half term. They're brilliant. The poetry and language is incredible!!!! Quite challenging for year 3 or 4 which is really good... We're always looking for good picture books that extend their vocabulary.

A Y3/4 teacher in Cambridge

I’m planning on a whole drama unit based on Snippy for my lot!

A specialist drama/music primary teacher, theatre director, youth choir founder

The children in our Y1 and 2 classes have loved the stories.
Head teacher of a primary school in Devon


It is a masterpiece of art and literature which had us delighting at every turn of the page. I haven’t enjoyed verse narration so much since Vikram Seth, and you are a serious rival to his verbal fluency...We love the way that you introduce exciting words from the start, and are just sorry that our grandchildren are secondary age now.
A retired teacher from Kent

Glorious illustration, wonderful words, charismatic characters ! My grandson is raving about it! The words just sing their way into your heart . A must read for girls and boys alike with vocabulary to stretch their imagination.

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A gorgeous book for children. My nephew absolutely loved this book and is a favourite! The illustrations are just fabulous.

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A delightful colourful rhyming tale that captures the imagination. A delightful cleverly written & witty rhyming tale that has beautiful, brightly coloured illustrations that capture the reader’s imagination. An enjoyable read for all ages.

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Well up to the standard of the previous books, if not even better, Snippy the Crab's Bandstand Blast Off finds our eponymous crustacean mesmerised by musical sounds drifting on the air from an al fresco jazz band. Excellent illustrations and a story to delight and amuse all ages! 

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