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Well now, that is quite a story – or rather several of them.


Snippy is a chipper little crab who dreams of exciting adventures in deep distant seas and far-flung places. He is very inquisitive like a cat (but not so furry). Whenever something crosses his path, or comes into his head – an idea, notion, a strange sound, anything really - he has to go and investigate. After all, that is how you find out about the world, right? Or you could go to school - only there’s no school for crabs, so Snippy has to work it all out for himself!


Who is Snippy the Crab


Snippy, like many of us, loves the idea of exploring but the deep sea and the great sky host many dangers for a little crab. Luckily, he has a couple of useful tricks up his sleeve: he’s  brave and quick-thinking; he’s also kind and warmhearted so everyone loves him! (Well, almost everyone that is – a few creatures would like to gobble him up, but you’ll have to find out more about that in the stories). Snippy makes many friends on his adventures and some of them have been known to travel great distances to help him out of a sticky spot!


Snippy the Crab's deep sea adventure


I am the lucky person who spends lots of time with Snippy writing up his exploits and drawing the illustrations. Oh, and Snippy is very particular. He told me: “I want lots of colourful pictures and my books need to be in rhyme!”


Snippy the Crab's restaurant caper


Well, I had to do as Snippy asked because he is so loveable and he adores narrative poems! Writing them was not as difficult as it might have been, because Snippy was always around to suggest snazzy words that brought his travels to life. Gosh! He knows a lot of words for someone his age (about 6 months crab years, 5 ½ human ones) and then if he can’t think of any fantabulous words that really capture his experiences, he tells me to make them up! Well, I don’t know what your teachers would say about that?


Can you spot the made up words in that verse?


Snippy the Crab and friends