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Snippy the Crab's High Flying Adventure


Snippy the Crab's High Flying Adventure

Snippy the Crab's High Flying Adventure



In Snippy’s second exciting adventure he attempts a daring feat which doesn’t quite go to plan. He joins a family picnic before being sky-rocketed into the stratosphere! Yikes! How will it all end?


Another richly rhyming tale which will entertain, engage and entrance any 4-7 year old. 



What readers say...

"I wish all authors and illustrators could draw from the widest range of vocabulary and richest palette of colours as Ms Miles does in her enchanting and imaginative journeys. My Grandson absolutely loved the first and this one is just as beautiful. I highly recommend the series and cannot wait to read them all with Snippy’s biggest fan when lock down ends!"

Thanea Hodges


"This book has every advantage. The poetry is rich and resonant. The illustrations are colourful so every page is new and fresh. The characters are engaging and the story is heart-warming and beautifully worked. I have given it to several young children that I know and they all loved it. I shall certainly be watching out for more works by this talented poet and illustrator."


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