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Teaching - one of my favourite things to do!


I have taught the violin for almost 20 years in schools and on a private basis. Many of my students have started lessons with me aged 6 and finished when they have left for university. I currently have three students whom I have taught for over ten years each!! It's a privilege to see them grow into fine young people and great little players! 


Lessons should be fun!


It's my firm belief that lessons should be enjoyable. We all make mistakes when learning and I am always positive and encouraging. Learning the violin or viola (or any instrument) takes time and effort, though. There is a lot of technique to learn and this is a constant process. However, most of it is learned through playing pieces, so it shouldn't be too arduous. And, the good news is that the more you practise, the faster you improve! 


Comments from some of my students or their parents...


Dear Mrs Miles,

Thank you so much for teaching me for nearly 9 years! There are loads of other things to thank you for as well, such as:

Scholarship! Grade 8 Distinction! NCOGB! + All the fun!

(William M. viola)


Dear Alison,

Many thanks for a wonderful year of being taught violin.

I am so glad I am able to make progress again after giving it up so long ago!

(Hannah G. violin - 6th form)


Thank you so very, very much for today. Sebastian was blown away by how amazing the lesson today was.

Thank you for making the time for him. 

(Catherine H. Sebastian (Year 9)'s mum)


Thank you, Alison. I enjoyed my lesson very much with you today. I'm learning such a lot and WILL get to grips with technique!

(Judy Q-R, a retired teacher making amazing progress on the violin!) 


Alison is a wonderful teacher, her skill, kindness and patience have given my daughter both the confidence and love for the violin. She teaches with boundless energy and enthusiasm and her enjoyment rubs off on all those she teaches.

(Jo BK - Florence's mum)


Thanks for all you're doing for Josh - he's really enjoying it!!!

(Andrew A - Josh's dad)